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About Us

Υγεία or Ygeía is an ancient Greek word that means health.


Our journey has been long and it is still not over. Years ago we set out to seek answers about our own existence and life. We followed a path of research, travel and experimentation that led us to a deeper understanding of our living condition. We found answers and inspiration in nature, and the interconnectedness of everything.


Today we live a holistic and eco-friendly lifestyle. With YgeiaX we wish to extend that part of us and bring multipurpose and affordable plant based medicine to all. Our products follow Ayurveda and permaculture principles, and are free of side-effects.


We source our natural ingredients from farmers across India who practice permaculture. Often they are from underprivileged areas, and that means they do not have the official organic certifications. Therefore we like to say our products are Non-certified organic.


Our medicines are made in a facility with GMP and ISO certification, ensuring they meet quality standards. After going through a documented lab test, each product is then approved by the Ministry of AYUSH, a department of the Indian Government.


We also use our own products personally, and gift them to our friends and family.


We have two products which are very popular – Holy Smoke and Happy pills.


Holy Smoke is a blend of smokable organic herbs which has no tobacco or nicotine. It is an aid to those who wish to quit cigarettes. It offers a soothing smoking experience, which betters  concentration and induces relaxation.


Happy Pills is a vegan pill that contains two medicinal herbs (Intellect Tree & Valerian). These assist with dopamine & serotonin absorption, which is useful to treat anxiety and help those who struggle with sleep.


We also offer a wealth of  Ayurvedic Oils- Essentials. They are 100% Pure.  This is vastly different from Aromatherapy oils, which are diluted oils that have no real health benefits.


You can read more about every product and ingredient on our Products and Ingredients page.


Aside from all this, we devote our sweet time to technologies such as astronomical telescopes, Musical instruments, Semi precious jewels,  abstract painting and travel.


Sam Sidana (Founder & Md)
Tara S Bagaria (Cofounder & Director)