About Ygeia

 Υγεία or Ygeía is an ancient Greek Goddess of Health.

 Indigenous Plant Medicines ∆ Ancient Ayurveda ∆ Magical Botanical Spell


Ygeia was born in 2007 and incorporated in 2014.

In today's fast paced, technological world, using herbs as medicine is a radical way to personal empowerment and good health. Working with plants, growing plants and processing them for our own health encourages us to become the guardians of the planet and feel more in touch with Mother Earth.
Plants are sentient, intelligent and magical. By working with plants we can expect deeper, more lasting healing and we come to recognise that the natural world is full of magic!
Working with the Sun and the Moon whilst in a state of reciprocity with the plants.

We personally have studied and taken courses in permaculture and exclusively work with farms adhering to the most organic practices. 

(Our teacher : Narsanna Koppulla : 'Aranya agricultural AlternativesPermacultureindia.org)

So from our home to yours, we hope you find as much healing in our products as we have, may they support your highest state of wellbeing.


Ygeia Academy section is bounty about Plant Medicine knowledge. Research behind medicinal plants,  how to cook with them, what are bodily systems, making herbal cosmetics etc.

The objective is to empower people to become self-reliant, self responsible and self-sufficient in caring for their health and the health of their families. There is also great encouragement to forge a deeper connection with the Sacredness of Nature and our Plant Relations.

 About the founders and everyone else : 

There is  a fair amount of line up which includes a bio chemist, few interns from natural medicine background, an Ayurvedic doctor, workers  who makes medicine with there hands, tribals who collect wild crafted medicine, Researchers, packers and than assistants. 

Facilitators who uses medicine as there tools. Bow down to  Ancestral Wisdom and endogenous knowledge of plants channeling through all of us. 



Now a bit about  the Maker : Sam the plant wizard




Sam comes from a long line of well-respected hakims, whom served royal families and possessed great knowledge of healing.  Intuitively sam followed the will of great spirit and incorporated  ygeia in 2014. The Research was going on since 2007, Incorporation happened because of the bank loan:) 

Ygeia - Plant medicines  has slowly grown into a global presence offering high quality Ayurvedic remedies in over 10 countries.

He decided to quit the city life in 2017  and shifted to the holy mountains of dharamshala. This shift was easier since he is by birth from Himachal. He enjoys wild foraging mushrooms and greens in the forests and  loves to live his time in stillness.