Hemp Seed essential Oil 15mL - Ygeiax
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Hemp Seed essential Oil – 15mL- by ygeiax



Useful properties:

–  Skin oxygenation  
–  Hydration
–  Essential fatty acids

–  Immune system response & function

–  Intestines
–  Skin problems
–  Bacterial infection


– Apply directly onto skin.

– Traditionally can also be taken as a drop in green tea or warm water


Hemp Seed essential Oil

Ingredient: Hemp Seed (Cannabis Sativa)

Hemp is the common term for the variety of plants under the Cannabis family that grows annually in tropical & warm regions around the world. Hemp is widely distributed in countries such as: Morocco, South Africa, United States of America, Brazil, India and some parts of Europe. The most noteworthy medicinal factor of Hemp is the exceptionally nutritious Hemp Seeds. Rich in healthy fats, protein and various minerals, Hemp Seed Oil is a vital boost to maintenance of your body’s nutrients. No single food but Hemp Seeds has the 45 nutrients that humans cannot live without. Of these 45 nutrients, our system cannot manufacture 44 of them. These are subsequently 21 minerals, 13 vitamins, 8 amino acids and 2 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). Therefore, the oil pressed from the hemp seeds is one of the best and most affordable sources of the two EFAs humans cannot live without.

Hemp Seed (Cannabis Sativa)


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