Chakra oils Kit
Chakra oils Kit
Chakra oils Kit
Chakra oils Kit
Chakra oils Kit
Chakra oils Kit
Chakra oils Kit
Chakra oils Kit

Chakra oils Kit

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Chakra oils Kit has  all the seven chakra oils. Each Chakra oil has chakra stone in the box and the kit comes with  a Chakra wand. 



-Crown Chakra oil is a mix of following oils : Jasmine, Myrrh, Frankincense, Lavender, Sage, Brahmi, Jyotishmati & Sandalwood.

Name in Sanskrit: Sahaswara meaning the thousand petal lotus

Signs of balance: Feelings of enlightenment and a spiritual connection to our higher selves

Signs of imbalance: Happiness depends on external conditions, existential depression, narrow mindedness, greed and materialism, excessive egoism. The imbalance of the crown chakra can also manifest physically through headaches, fatigue, and mental illness.

Location: The crown of the head & is considered to be the gateway to everything beyond the material world.

Body Part : Cerebral Cortex & Nervous System. Gland: Pineal Gland.

Colour : Violet, White & Gold.
Element : Cosmic energy
Ruling senses: Governs all senses, including extra sensory perception. Seed sound : OM
Mantra :- Om Mani Padme Hum (Om Mah-nee-pahd-meh Hoom)

Affirmation:- I am aware, complete and one with the cosmic energy. I feel

connected to my higher self. I am an extension of the universe. I receive guidance from my higher self. I am complete with the divine.

Precious & Semi precious Stones : Diamonds, Danburite, Clear quartz, Clear Calcite, Moonstone, Amethyst, Labradorite

Bodyworks & technique : A scalp massage furthers the connection to the Crown Chakra followed by hair pulls and cervical traction to release cranial- tissue adhesion’s.




-Heart chakra oil is a mix of these oils  : Cocoa,  Rose, Blue Lotus , Geranium, Lavender, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Cerdarwood, Jasmine, Evening Primrose & Ylang Ylang

Name in Sanskrit: Anahata - meaning unhurt. This energy meridian is based on love devotion, compassion, selflessness , healing, deep wisdom & awakening to unity.

Signs of balance: The ability to love and forgive yourself and others

Signs of imbalance: Hatred, selfishness, jealousy, and fear of betrayal

Location: Center of the chest. Anahata located on 1st thoracic vertebrae.

Body Parts : Heart, Arteries, Lungs, Shoulder, Arms , Hands & Endocrine System

Gland : Thyroid gland

Colour : Green, Pink & Gold.

Element : Air

Ruling senses: Touch

Seed sound : YAM

Mantra : Om Tare Tuttate Ture Swaha (Om Tah-re Too-tah-the Too-re Swah- hah)

Affirmation : I am. My heart is open. I am grateful for all the love and affection I get. I deserve fulfilling relationships. I am attracting trusting and loving relationships. I am grateful for all the love and affection I get. I see love everywhere I go. My heart is free from all the wounds of the past. I forgive others, and I forgive myself. I naturally attract love everywhere I go. I create

supportive, loving relationships that are good for me.

Precious & Semi precious Stones : Ammonite, Aventurine, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Green Tourmaline, Green agate, Green opal

Bodyworks & technique : Massaging the area of the upper back & a gentle traction to the shoulder joint and arm along with myofascial releases the pectoral muscles that assist in opening up this particular Chakra region.


-Root chakra oil is a mix of these oils :- Cedar wood, Frankincense, Pine needle, Patchouli, Rosemary, Sandalwood & Rose.

Name in Sanskrit: Mula meaning “root” and Adhara meaning “support” or “base”

Signs of balance: Feelings of security, safety, and stability

Signs of imbalance: Anxiety, nightmares, fear, pain in the feet and legs, weight gain (particularly in the bottom half of the body), feelings of disconnect or alienation

Location: The base of the spine, the pelvic floor and the first three vertebrae, Body Parts : includes spinal column, bone, teeth , nails ,hair legs & feet. Glands : Adrenal glands.
Colour: Red

Element: Earth
Ruling senses : Smell .
Seed sound : LAM .
Mantra : Om Namah Shivaya (Om Nah-Mah Shee- Vah-Yah).

Affirmation :- I AM . All life comes to me with ease, joy & glory. I am here, I am now. I am always safe.
I love my body. My home is safe and secure. I am financially secure. The universe will always provide for me.

Precious & Semi precious Stones :- Ruby, Red Coral, Red Jasper, Black obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Bloodstone, Hematite, Smoky Quarts and Tigers Eye.

Bodyworks & Technique :- Mix Root chakra oil in sweet almond oil for massage . By massaging feet, legs and muscles will encourages energy flow also known as PRANA flow in this region.




-Sacral Chakra oil is a blend of these oils : Blue Louts, Cocoa, Clary Sage, Calendula, Evening Primrose,  Jasmine, Neroli, Orange, Rosemary, Rose,Sandalwood, Saffron, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang.


Name in Sanskrit: Svadhisthana means the “dwelling place of the self”.

Signs of balance: Feelings of creativity, playfulness, and sensual and sexual pleasure

Signs of imbalance: Addictive/compulsive behaviours, sexual dysfunction, fear of change, emotional instability. In the body, the sacral chakra connects with reproductive issues (infertility, impotence, or menstrual issues) and lower back, kidney, or stomach disorders.

Location: The lower abdomen below the tailbone (includes lower pelvis, womb, and genitals)
Svadhisthana is referred to as the seat of creativity, sex & passion .

Body Parts : Reproductive organs, Kidneys, Bladder, Blood, Lymph, Digestive fluid, Semen & Pelvic girdles.

Glands : Prostate, Testicles & Ovaries. Colour : Orange
Element : Water
Ruling senses : Taste

Seed sound : VAM
Mantra : Om Jita Kamaya Namaha (Om Jee-tah Kah-mah-yah- Nah-mah-hah)

Affirmation: I FEEL. I embrace life with passion and creativity. I am grounded. I am empowered. I am abundant. I am more than enough. I am life. I deserve to experience pleasure and have my needs met. I feel safe to express my sexual self in fun, creative, and healthy ways. I attract relationships with loving, good people who will support me. I embrace change and make the best of my future. Every day, I experience more joy and satisfaction. I flow with inspiration and creativity. My body is vibrant, and I am comfortable inside it.

Precious & Semi precious Stones : Ruby, Star / Orange Sapphire, Orange Calcite, Orange & Coral Calcite, Carnelian, Snowflake Obsidian, Amber


Bodyworks & Technique: Blend of any to 3 of sacral essential oil in sweet almond oil. Massage and release the hip flexors & iliopsoas muscle area in much the same way we would address sciatica . This helps them to open up for energy flow to the body organs.


-Solar Plexus Chakra oil is a mix of these oils  : Ashwagandha,  Guduchi, Ginger, Basil, Jasmine, Lemon, Orange, Peppermint, Rosemary, & Sandalwood.

Name in Sanskrit: Manipura meaning lustrous gem. This energy meridian fuels up day to day activities inside & outside the physical body.

Signs of balance: Confident, motivated, purposeful, reliable, responsible

Signs of imbalance: Aggression, overly dominating toward others, low self- esteem

Location: 8th thoracic vertebrae, about 2 inches above the navel.

Body Part : Lower back, Abdomen, Digestive System, Stomach, Liver, Spleen & Gallbladder.

Glands: Pancreas & Liver.
Colour: Yellow
Principle element : Fire
Ruling senses: Smel
Seed sound : RAM
Mantra : Om Suryaya Namaha (Om Soor—yah-yah Nah-mah-hah)

Affirmation:- I am power. I am creativity. I am control. I am awareness . I am empowered. I am abundant. I am more than enough. I am life. My mind body & spirit is nurture by Mother Nature. I forgive myself for past mistakes, and I learn from them. The only thing I need to control is how I respond to situations. I have the courage to create positive change in my life. I stand in my personal power.

Precious & Semi precious Stones : Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Topaz, Citrine, Amber, Fire opal, Pyrite, Golden Calcite, Rhodochrosite.

Bodyworks & technique : Massaged by applying the blend of any 2/3 Eos with sweet almond oil to the abdomen area using clockwise directions around the area of the navel. This encourages waste elimination and improves the organ functions by bringing about conscious awareness to this personal power centre.


-Third Eye Chakra oil is a mix of following oils:- Frankincense, Lavender, Sage, Brahmi, Jyotishmati, Myrrh, & Holy Basil.

Name in Sanskrit: Ajna meaning “beyond wisdom”
Signs of balance: Strong intuition and inner wisdom, the release of the ego

Signs of imbalance: Someone becomes cynical and overly attached to external circumstances. When out of balance, a person may also store tension in the head, causing headaches or vision problems.

Location: The space between the eyebrows
Body Parts : includes eyes, central nervous system & mid-brain.
Gland : Pituitary Gland.
Colour : Indigo, Yellow, Violet.
Element : All (earth, air, fire, water, and ether)
Ruling senses : Governs all senses, including extra sensory perception. Seed sound : OM
Mantra : Om Namo Narayana
Affirmation : I see . I am connected to my higher self & dwell in the wisdom

within me. I trust my intuition. I feel connected to my spiritual truth. I let me inner wisdom guide me. My thoughts are calm and peaceful.

Precious & Semi precious Stones :- Lapis Lazuli , Amethyst, Chariot, Blue Sapphire, Sodalite, Azurite, Moss Agate & Sugilite.

Bodyworks & technique :- Take any 3/4 Eos with sweet almond to massage technique known as “brow stripping” that includes the muscles in the jaw area, temples and nasal sinuses.


-Throat chakra oil is a mix of these oils :  Lemongrass, Liquorice, Peppermint, Spearmint, Tea Tree, Sage, Eucalyptus, & Myrrh.

Name in Sanskrit: Vishuddha meaning “especially pure”. Vishuddha, is rooted in communication and the expression of oneself in the world.

Signs of balance: Authentic expression comes easily and naturally

Signs of imbalance: Difficulty tuning into the true self, the urge to hide opinions and desires from yourself and others, gossiping, dominating conversations, difficulty listening to others, neck pain, hormone fluctuation (relating to the thyroid)

Location: The region of the throat, jaw, neck, mouth, and thyroid Body Part: Lrynx, neck, shoulders, arms & ears .
Gland: Thyroid & Parathyroid
Colour : Blue, Sea green , Greenish blue & Silver.

Element : ETHER (space).
Ruling senses: Sound / Hearing.
Seed sound:- HUM
Mantra : Om Mani Padme Hum (Om Mah-nee-pahd-meh Hoom)

Affirmation : I speak my truth . I listen with awareness. I am calm & clear, always express myself with love easy & novelty. I hold myself accountable. I am

worthy of being heard. The answer is always within me.
I resolve conflicts through open and honest communication. I trust my intuition.

I am balanced in speaking and listening. I speak my true thoughts with ease. I set clear boundaries.

Precious & Semi precious Stones: Blue Sapphire, Blue Topaz, Angelite, Celestite, Lapis Lazuli Turquoise, Aquamarine, Kyanite

Essential oils: Lemongrass, Chamomile, Liquorice, Peppermint, Spearmint, Tea Tree, Sage, Eucalyptus, & Myrrh.

Bodyworks & technique: Gentle neck traction & release of restricted fascia tissues that surrounds the back and front of the neck is then followed by a gentle massage of the neck & the attachments to the base of the head 


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