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    This last week I had the chance of making a stop and reorganizing what my life is. I took a couples of days off -10 to be exact- which ca...
  • The 3 Best Natural Anxiety Remedies

    Natural Anxiety Remedies is looked upon on goggle everyday, many times, everywhere. In some shape or form, anxious feelings have affected us all. From simple nerves to full blown panic attacks, anxiety can come from nowhere and debilitate - ruining our fun or blowing our chance at that big job interview. Which is why it is important to have a natural  remedy on stand-by, ready to centre you without the altering side effects of prescription medications.

    There are incredible essential oils for combatting anxiety, each with their own respective properties, but topping the list across the board is Lavender Oil.

    The subject of much research, Lavender Oil has been proven, as both an aroma and ingestant, to relieve both causes and symptoms of anxiety with powerful instant and long term effects¹. Our Pure Lavender Essential Oil can be used internally and externally, making it an optimum remedy for all stress relief.Many people find personal and nostalgic aromas work best for immediate calming effects, so be sure to take a look at the range of essential oils out there to decide what may work best for you. Find more info on


    With longer lasting effects than aromatherapy, the ingestion of certain Ayurvedic herbs can be enough to put a stop to any negative feelings or worries for a whole day. When broken down in the stomach, medicinal properties are released to the bloodstream at a much slower and consistent rate, meaning it will take longer for the effects to come on but they will be a more gradual and natural feeling, lasting much longer.

    Two of the most powerful plants for combatting anxiety and stress are Valerian and Intellect Tree, Valerian has a powerful effect on relaxing the body’s nervous system, while Intellect Tree maintains the brain’s levels of serotonin.When combined, as our signature Happy Pills , these two plants make a perfect daily combatant to anxiety and stress. Take two in the morning and two in the evening on an empty stomach to ensure better mood, higher brain functionality.You can find more information onNCBI


    For smokers, the first draw on a cigarette feels like the ultimate stress relief, and those who have kicked the habit often find it easy to relapse during stressful times. Tobacco smoking produces a paradox in terms of stress, as the withdrawal of nicotine can often be the cause of the stress in the first place, and the cigarette is the solution. This means that long-term cigarette smokers live a more stressful existence than those who don’t smoke cigarettes.

    Of course not all smoker’s anxiety is caused by their addiction, so in times of external pressure a natural substitute is needed making it a perfect nicotine replacement for those with anxiety. At YGEIAXwe have combined Intellect Tree with Agaru and Province Rose – both having great relaxant and anti-addictive properties – and more to create our wonderful Holy Smoke herbal blend which serves as a much tastier, healthier and stress-free substitute for tobacco. At times when smoking isn’t possible, Holy Smoke can easily be brewed into a delicious calming tea.Try these Natural Anxiety Remedies and be a part of natural medicine regime .