Ygeiax { Bringing Plant based multipurpose remedies to fellow mammals}
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Essential oil for internal use.

Bringing affordable plant-based healing to the world.

Ensuring Quality and Safety

We firmly believe in the natural power of plant, and we are very proud of our 100% pure  Ayurvedic Oils- Organic Essentials.  As with all our products, they are made of organic herbs and ingredients grown here in India. We follow Ayurvedic and Permaculture principles, creating quality extracts that meet modern regulations. To ensure you of their safety, we have GMP and ISO as an official certification from the Government of India testifying to our products natural purity.


All our ingredients are sourced from farmers across India who follow permaculture principles. They often come from underprivileged areas, where most can’t afford to provide any official Organic Certifications. We like to say our product are non-certified organic, made without the use of chemicals.


Our Ayurvedic Oils are multi-purpose remedies. They are 100% Pure. This differs from Aromatherapy oils, as they are diluted oils with no health benefits. With our oils you can craft medicine or DIY products, for example as a flavour concentrate in chocolate or pastries.


Our products are made in a facility with GMP and ISO certification, ensuring they meet quality standards. After going through a documented lab test, each product is then approved by the Ministry of AYUSH, a department of the Indian Government. Our licenses allow us to ship to United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, USA and India.

Our Signature Products


Holy Smoke is our popular herbal cigarette blend. A friendly aid for those who wish to quit tobacco or nicotine.


 Shilajit resin extracted via Ayurveda method, harvested from 16000 altitudes in Himalayas.


Magic Potion-Aloe vera gel is infused with Essential oils- Jasmine, hempseeds, frankincense, Rose etc and is a multipurpose remedy.

Hemp Seed Oil is one of the many Ayurvedic  Oils we have.

Natural Happy Pills

The two simple ingredients in our signature capsules are Calastrus Paniculatus (Intellect Tree) and Valeriana Officinalis (Valerian). By themselves two of the most beneficial plants on earth, combined in our Happy Pills they create a panacea that brings you to your best self.

Intellect Tree has been used for centuries as a brain tonic. By delaying the re-uptake of the brain’s serotonin and dopamine, Intellect Tree generates mental focus and drive as well as feelings of connectedness, euphoria and peace.

Valerian is a gift from nature. With over 120 different medicinal properties, and zero side effects, it has remained one of history’s most widely used medicinal plants. Valerian’s main function is its sedative qualities. Its ability to relax the central nervous system and muscle groups makes Happy Pills a powerful anti-anxiety aide as well as a natural remedy for sleep.

Learning Resources

Read and learn more about the uses and benefits of our products in our archive. We offer practical tips, recipes and other creative uses of our products.

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