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About Ygeia

Υγεία or Ygeía is an ancient Greek Goddess of Health.

Indigenous Plant Medicines ^Ancient Ayurveda ^Magical Botanical Spell ^Permaculture Principles

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Permaculture & Ayurveda

Preceding the inception of Ygeia, we had arrived at a place in life where the questions that lie deep within became too loud to ignore. What was our role in our personal healing, and the healing of the planet? We followed a path of research, travel and experimentation that led to an understanding of the gravity of affairs on earth. We found answers and inspiration in nature, in the inter-connectedness of everything. We saw if a region or group of people were ill there is a direct correlation to being disconnected from the land and plant medicines, consequentially the soil, the animals, all intertwined suffer. In this revelation it became clear anything we offered as our piece in the collective puzzle had to be rooted in these principles: sustainable for mother earth, provide holistic multipurpose healing to the people, and maintain ethical honest business practices.

And from there began the gestation of Ygeia in 2014, not to be officially born into the world until 3 years later. We trusted in divine timing and poured our hearts into meeting our principles without exception. 

With love we have put our soul focus on developing products that not only we feel good using personally but feel confident when our families use.

Aside from all this, we devote our sweet time to technologies such as astronomical telescopes, Musical instruments, Semi-precious jewels, abstract painting and exploring more of nature's  beauty. As well as working in our small vegetable garden, spending time with our furry children and spreading consciousness and compassion with those we meet.

Mother Earth has provided us all we need, working in sync with her energies and resources, we can begin to flourish as a system once more.

We personally have studied and taken courses in permaculture and exclusively work with farms adhering to the most organic practices. 

(Our teacher : Narsanna Koppulla : 'Aranya agricultural AlternativesPermacultureindia.org)

We have curated our products to be Organic, Multipurpose & Medicinal. The body, just as the earth function as a symbiotic system, this becomes ever clearer through the use of herbal remedies, they heal holistically.

So from our home to yours, we hope you find as much healing in our products as we have, may they support your highest state of wellbeing.

At Ygeia, our mission is to offer innovative plant-based medicine for restoring imbalances in our mind-body system.

Most of our ingredients are wildcrafted, supporting natural methods of farming. Ygeia research scientists looked at 2000+ plants and 800+ research papers - to identify 150 plants used in the design of our unique multi-purpose products.


By default most of our ingredients are wild crafted & the rest are sourced from farmers across India who follow permaculture principles. They often come from underprivileged areas, where they don't have any organic certifications. We like to say our product are non-certified organic, made without the use of chemicals.

Natural Essences

We have over 50 steam distilled and cold pressed oils. They are 100% Pure, Edible and natural unlike most of synthetic aroma oils. With our oils, you can craft remedies or DIY products. For example as a flavour concentrate in chocolate or pastries.


Our products are made in a world-class facility with GMP and ISO certifications. After going through a documented lab test, each product is then approved by the Ministry of AYUSH, a department of the Indian Government. 

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