Our Products

We make our plant medicines for us - that means we use the best ingredients, and extract their magic using the least destructive processes. 


Plants grown in the wild have been nurtured by nature - this is why we prefer to use wild crafted ingredients over farmed (even permaculture farmed) where we can.

We work closely with Indian tribes from remote parts of India. We liaise directly with the Chief who coordinates and remunerates his tribe fairly.

All herbs are plants are foraged using certain practices so that the wildlife is not disturbed and that the plant is able to flourish the next season.


We have studied and taken courses in permaculture. (Our teacher : Narsanna Koppulla : 'Aranya agricultural Alternatives' Permacultureindia.org). From this we were able to understand and appreciate the importance of soil quality and nature's way of growing things.

Where we are unable to wild forage our ingredients, we source from farmers across India who follow our permaculture principles.

Ygeia exclusively works with farms adhering to the most organic permaculture practices. These farms and farmers often come from underprivileged areas, where they don't have any organic certifications. We like to say our products are non-certified organic, made without the use of chemicals.


Ygeia oils are edible grade; they can even be used in cooking. Their only ingredients are water and plant matter. 

Most essential oils on the market are aromatic grade which means that they contain a lot of synthetic perfume (read that as chemicals). This ensures that each batch smells the same, throughout the year.

Ygeia oils may differ from batch to batch given the nature of the ingredients used. But this means that our oils are safe to use in cooking, on your skin, and inhale into your lungs.


Ygeia oils are steam distilled (or cold-pressed depending on the plant) in small batches to ensure the freshest of ingredients (and oils).

Sometimes Sam plays music whilst the distillation process is going on: gong, Tibetan signing bowls, Beethoven, the frequency of Jupiter, the frequency of the moon...you get the idea.


Our products are made in a world-class facility with GMP and ISO certifications. After going through a documented lab test, each product is then approved by the Ministry of AYUSH, a department of the Indian Government.