Sage Leaf- steam distilled  Oil - 15mL- by ygeiax

Sage Leaf- steam distilled Oil - 15mL- by ygeiax

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Salvia officinalis or ''sage leaf'' as we commonly know it, is considered the queen of antioxidants. Our extraction process allows us to fully harness substances like the rosmarinic and carnosic acids, flavonoids responsible of sage's antioxidant power (1) hence making it safe for Internal use. Salvia comes from the latin word ''salvus'' which means ''safe, unharmed'' as its protecting properties are well known since the old times.

Salvia extracts have proved natural antimicrobial properties (2), for which you may apply it directly in your mouth to improve gum health or inhale its fresh steam to soothe a sore throat, expecting, as Schpowal and his team proved in the European Journal of Medical Research (3), the same results as with regular medicine but without the side-effects. However, besides protecting our bodies from the attacks of harmful bacteria, Salvia's most appreciated role takes place in the brain. After taking the concentration equivalent of less than a drop of our essential oil, participants in A.Scholey clinical trial(4) experienced significant enhancement of secondary memory performance as well as improvements to accuracy of attention, all of them being above 65 years old. The present evidence points at potential benefits in hindering the course of Alzheimer's disease, a leading cause of dementia (5). Some studies have also proven Savia's mood uplifting properties (6) and regard this ancient remedy as a potential aid for one of today's most common problems, depression.

Last but not least, Salvia can help tackle menopause by reducing hot flashes and night sweats to less than half after the course of eight weeks, feeling an improvement already on the first one (7).

Even though Savia has been used for millennia, new applications and properties are discovered every year, making it an essential oil to have on your own personal collection.

Useful for :

- Memory loss - Loss of appetite - Asthma - Menstrual Discomfort - Oral care - Depression - Alzheimer’s disease - Sore throat - Painful nasal passages - Stomach pain




- For menstrual discomfort, rub 5 to 10 drops on the abdomen. - Direct application on gums. - Steam or bath water for breathing related discomforts . - Use diffuser for bacteria-free air.

  – Traditionally has also been taken as a drop in warm water or green tea.


100% Sage Leaf - steam distilled  Oil