Our Story

Υγεία or Ygeía is an ancient Greek Goddess of Health

Ygeía is an ancient Greek word that means health. We make herbal remedies inspired from permaculture principles and Ayurvedic knowledge.

At the moment we have over 60 products on the market, which aims to cure all the ailments known to mankind. These remedies are made under Ayurveda license and FSSAI.

Our products are vegan, cruelty free, lab tested for toxicity and heavy metals, free of chemicals and artificial preservatives and carefully sourced from sustainable farms across India.

Learn more about our products and their ingredients here



Ygeia research scientists looked at 2000+ plants and 800+ research papers to identify 150 plants used in the design of our unique multi-purpose products. You can look into the research and study more on this topic here

Since inception we have worked quite a line-up of brains which included a biochemist, researchers, interns from a natural medicine background, an Ayuverdic doctor, tribal members who collected the wild crafted medicine... to create our unique oils and herbal remedies. 


Nature and plants have always been Ygeia's teachers. In 2024 we decided that it was time to share this knowledge and the Ygeia Academy was born. 

Our objective is to empower people to become self-reliant, self responsible and self-sufficient in caring for their health and the health of their families.

We wish to facilitate our students' forging a deeper connection with the Sacredness of Nature and our Plant Relations.

We run courses and retreats regularly over the year in Goa and Dharamshala. To check out our next course dates, please see the Ygeia Academy website.


We live in the information age and we wish to support you as much as possible whilst you raise your consciousness with plants and herbs. Please explore our "Learn" section for some excellent plant medicine knowledge; research behind medicinal plants,  how to cook with them, what are bodily systems, making herbal cosmetics etc.