Neroli Steam Distilled Oil
Neroli Steam Distilled Oil

Neroli Steam Distilled Oil

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Neroli oil is obtained by steam distilling the flower of bitter orange tree (Citrus aurantium).

The distinct aroma of neroli oil makes it a perfect ingredient in perfumes, creams, lotions, massage oils and candles. It is a widely used essential oil in aromatherapy treatment.

Neroli oil works well in lowering inflammation, reducing stress, improving blood circulation and enhancing mood. In addition, it is also widely used to treat various skin ailments and relieved menstrual cramps.

Inhaling the neroli oil aids in transmitting the signals to the lymbic region of the brain involved in controlling emotions and functions of the nervous system. Neroli essential oil affects various biological functions of the body such as heart rate, blood pressure, stress levels, and immune system.

Benefits of neroli

The benefits of neroli oil are enjoyed by people around the world, as many believe it can:

1. Offer pain management

People who struggle with swollen muscles, joints, and tissues may find that neroli oil can help to reduce any associated inflammation and pain.

According to a study published in 2015, neroli essential oil can work as a pain management agent, reducing central and peripheral sensitivity to pain, making it harder for the body to register pain.

In another study, involving women in the first stage of labour, researchers found that neroli oil was able to limit their experience of pain, whilst also lowering feelings of anxiety.

You can test the pain management benefits of neroli oil by diluting it with a carrier oil and applying a small amount to the affected area, whilst making sure to avoid broken skin.

2. Control blood pressure and pulse rate

The calming qualities of neroli essential oil are well known with many cultures using it as an aphrodisiac due to its ability to calm nerves and improve confidence.

Researchers took a closer look at these qualities in a 2012 study, found that when neroli was used as part of an aromatic blend it was able to reduce both diastolic and systolic blood pressure. This helped to ease pressure on the heart and in arteries between each heartbeat.

3. Improve skin health

One of the most common uses of neroli oil is as a skincare lotion, with the oil being mixed with a carrier oil or blended with a skincare cream before application.

In 2012, the Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences offered substance to claims of the oil’s skincare benefits, whilst a host of other studies have also provided similar evidence.

Neroli oil contains astringent properties that can increase the elasticity of the skin, helping to make it look and feel brighter and more youthful.

Its ability to regenerate skin cells possibly explains why so many people use it to smooth wrinkles and clear stretch marks.

There are also suggestions that neroli oil benefits the skin by removing harmful bacteria and other forms of skin irritation.

4. Help menopause symptoms

The stress-relieving benefits of neroli essential oil mean it can decrease diastolic blood pressure, whilst also improving the pulse rate.

Researchers also found it helped to balance serum cortisol levels and oestrogen concentrations. This is based on a 2014 study that stated the inhalation of neroli essential oil helped to improve symptoms of postmenopausal women. In conclusion, researchers found that neroli oil can lower stress in postmenopausal women and increase libido.

Other studies have also demonstrated that neroli essential oil can decrease a variety of premenstrual (PMS) symptoms, including pain and discomfort, bloating and mood swings.

5. Control convulsions and seizures

Although human studies are yet to be conducted, initial animal studies suggest that neroli oil could help to reduce convulsions and seizures.

Tests were carried out by researchers in 2014, finding that the major components of neroli oil were linalool, linalyl acetate, nerolidol, E,E-farnesol, α-terpineol and limonene, which were likely responsible for the anticonvulsant activity.

6. Lower stress and anxiety levels

The stress-relieving qualities of neroli essential oil are well established, with many cultures using it as an aphrodisiac due to its ability to calm nerves and improve confidence.

The neroli-based aromatic blend was also able to decrease salivary cortisol levels, a ‘stress hormone’ that can play a key role in lowering and increasing anxiety levels.

7. Reduce acne breakouts

In the aforementioned study published in the Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, researchers also found that the chemical composition of neroli was able to reduce the appearance of acne.

The limonene compound – along with several other components – proved to be very effective at combating yeast, bacteria and fungi, which could mean it may be able to reduce acne breakouts on the skin.

To put these neroli oil benefits to the test, mix with a carrier oil and gently apply to the skin using a cotton ball and leave it on the skin overnight.

8. Ease hair flakiness and itchiness

The health benefits neroli oil can offer for the skin mean it may also be beneficial for the hair and scalp.

A study published in 2016 found that dandruff could be controlled by balancing bacteria, with neroli oil’s antifungal and antimicrobial properties potentially being able to ease itchy, flaky and dry conditions on the scalp.



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