Giving back

Giving is our Natural Expression as human beings. Some of us are born Givers and few gotta work on this habbit. 

 Thanks to my soul family and co founder Tara bagaria who is a born giver,  she gave everything  to build up ygeia during her proactive days with us. I personally learnt a lot from her to expand my capacity to give. 

 My Ancestors were allways travelling with a war Situation starting from eastern Persia to sindh than pakistan to india. Now i do the same out of love, travelling around the world wherever medicine takes me.

I would like a fair amount from ygeia to go towards helping the ones who are seeking the medicine. 

Ngo's, Trusts, individuals, Old age homes...

Please get in touch if you would like to receive the medicine and somehow are not able to do it with financial situations. We will do our best to support giving/ gift  economy


If you are someone who would like to donate to our mission of spreading the medicine. Please write us on the email and whats app.