Ceremonial Cacao with 7 Medicinal Mushrooms
Ceremonial Cacao with 7 Medicinal Mushrooms

Ceremonial Cacao with 7 Medicinal Mushrooms

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CEREMONIAL CACAO WITH 7 MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS is a mixture of 8 superfoods Ceremonial Cacao and 7 Medicinal Mushroom Adaptogenic Blend

Key Benefits

  • Energizing and Uplifting
  • Immune protective
  • Aid in adrenal recovery and hormone balance
  • Supports the proper function of many organ systems
  • Great for kids


Cacao with 55% of fat (butter not extracted) - 316 gms

Dried mushroom extracts : 84 gms

Shitake 12 gm 
Maitake 12 gm
Chaga 12 gm
Cordyceps 12 gm
Lionsmane 12 gm
Agaricus 12 gm
Reishi 12 gm

Suggested use

  • Add 20g - 30g to warm water or vegan milk for a ceremonial hot beverage.
  • Enjoy up to 2 times per day.

Net Weight 410 gms

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Belinda Aguayo
Pure Medicine

The wellness I experience with this divine blend is unique. I have used this drink at home enjoying a personal process. High quality of cacao, you can taste the pureness of it. And definitely the mix with the mushrooms adds a special feeling of oneness.

Zubein Buhariwalla

Ceremonial Cacao + 7 Medicinal Mushrooms

Love Cacao + Mushroom

This concoction with pure Cacoa is so amazing - it not only relaxes my mind but is a delight for my senses. I love the dash of gold in it ….. make me feel super special. It calms the nerves, balances hormones, boosts the immune system.l love it ❤️