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Ceremonial Cacao

Ceremonial Cacao

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Ceremonial Grade Cacao is nature's greatest medicine. 

Ygeia's cacao is very special indeed. It is grown on a South Indian farm next to vanilla crops so is more alkaline and smooth in flavour. It also still includes the cacao butter and so has a very different consistency to what you may be used to. This means that you only have to add water for a delicious hot beverage, 

Usually cacao butter is extracted from cacao and we are left with cacao powder which doesn't have many health benefits. Cacao butter is expensive and hence sold separately.

Benefits of Cacao

  • Raw Organic Cacao has over 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries.
  • Highest Plant-Based Source of Iron
  • Full of Magnesium for a Healthy Heart & Brain
  • More Calcium than cow's milk. 
  • A Natural Mood Elevator and Anti-Depressant

History of Cacao in India

Cacao seed was brought to India by chocolate companies so they could save on imports since it was originally coming from South Africa or South America.

Since the farmers in India were already growing acai nut and few other acidic crops, they decided to add this to their cash crop and sell it to chocolate companies.

Ygeia's Ceremonial Cacao

Sam had to take a few flights and taxis to reach the South Indian farms from the comfort of his Northern Indian Himachal home, he had to find the perfect farm:

  1. The farm doesn't grow acidic cash crops (e.g. tobacco) next to the cacao as this gives the cacao a very bitter taste. Our farm grows vanilla next to the cacao which affects its flavour
  2. The soil had to be tested according to Sam's permaculture learnings
  3. The conditions of the workers at the farm had to harmonious
  4. The whole process from growing, harvesting the pods, fermentation, sun drying, sorting, grinding and creation pure cacao paste had to be satisfactory

Suggested Usage

Net Weight 500 gms

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