Ceremonial Cacao with 7 Medicinal Mushrooms :400 gms
Ceremonial Cacao with 7 Medicinal Mushrooms :400 gms

Ceremonial Cacao with 7 Medicinal Mushrooms :400 gms

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Food for Gods & Goddesses

Key Benefits:

-Energizing and Uplifting
-Immune protective
-Aid in adrenal recovery and hormone balance
- Supports the proper function of many organ systems
- Great for kids


Cacao with 55% of fat ( butter not extracted) - 316 gms

Dried mushroom extracts : 84 gms 

Mushrooms which took part in this jam: 

Shitake 12 gm
Maitake 12 gm
Chaga 12 gm
Cordyceps 12 gm
Lionsmane 12 gm
Agaricus 12 gm
Reishi 12 gm

Suggested use -

Add 1 tsp to warm water or vegan milk for a ceremonial hot beverage.
-Add to your favorite tea, coffee, smoothie, or meal.
Enjoy up to 2 times per day.


Ceremonial Cacao for heart opening ❤️

Let's look at a bit of history with India and Cacao.🚂

Cacao seed was brought to India by chocolate companies so they could save on imports since it was originally coming from south Africa or south America.
(Chocolate companies only use a lil bit of cacao powder, and rest is vegetable fats and sugar)

Since the farmers in India were allready growing acai nut and few other acidic crops, they decided to add this to there cash crop and sell it to chocolate companies.

Usually cacao butter is extracted from Cacao and we are left with cacao powder which doesn't have much benefits. Cacao butter is expensive and hence sold seperately.

Now coming to ceremonial cacao story😊

I had to take few flights and taxis to reach South Indian farms from the comfort of my himachal home.

⭐The intension was to look for a farm which doesn't grow acidic cash crops next to cacao since cacao sucks everything.

⭐Soil testing was helpful from my permaculture learning.

⭐Looking at the conditions of the workers at the farm

⭐Learning the process from growing, harvesting the pods, fermentation, sun drying, sorting, grinding and pure cacao paste

Ceremonial dose is about 20 gms made into a hot cacao beverage
You could add ygeia rose oil or vanilla oil to jazz up the game 🎯

Net Weight 410 gms

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Belinda Aguayo
Pure Medicine

The wellness I experience with this divine blend is unique. I have used this drink at home enjoying a personal process. High quality of cacao, you can taste the pureness of it. And definitely the mix with the mushrooms adds a special feeling of oneness.

Zubein Buhariwalla

Ceremonial Cacao + 7 Medicinal Mushrooms

Love Cacao + Mushroom

This concoction with pure Cacoa is so amazing - it not only relaxes my mind but is a delight for my senses. I love the dash of gold in it ….. make me feel super special. It calms the nerves, balances hormones, boosts the immune system.l love it ❤️