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Evening Primrose Steam Distilled Oil

Evening Primrose Steam Distilled Oil

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Evening Primrose oil is rich in (GLA), an essential fatty acid that have anti-inflammatory properties make it suited to help with everything from pain relief to soothing itchy skin, including female reproductive tissues, blood channels, the respiratory passages, and the nervous system. 

Benefits of Evening Primrose

1. Ease Acne

The GLA in EPO may help acne by reducing skin inflammation and the number of skin cells that cause lesions. It may also help the skin retain moisture.

According to a 2022 study, EPO may help relieve specific side effects from the medication isotretinoin (Accutane).

An older 2014 study found that GLA supplementation reduced inflammatory and noninflammatory acne lesions.

2. Ease eczema

Some countries other than the United States have approved EPO to treat eczema, an inflammatory skin condition.

A 2018 study in South Korea concluded that EPO improved the Eczema Area Severity Index (EASI) score in people with mild eczema compared to a placebo. The studies’ authors noted that transepidermal water loss and skin hydration were slightly improved in the EPO group.

3. Improve overall skin health

The GLA in EPO may benefit skin structure and function. Because the skin can’t produce GLA alone, taking GLA-rich EPO may help keep the skin healthy. Both previously mentioned studies noted that EPO improved skin hydration in participants.

According to an older 2005 study oral supplementation of EPO may help smooth skin and improve its:

  • elasticity
  • moisture
  • firmness
  • fatigue resistance

4. It may help relieve PMS symptoms

A 2019 study suggests EPO may be effective in treating premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms, such as:

  • breast swelling
  • irritability
  • bloating
  • acne

Researchers believe some people experience PMS because they’re sensitive to prolactin levels in the body. GLA converts to a substance in the body (prostaglandin E1) thought to help prevent prolactin from triggering PMS.

5. It may help reduce hot flashes

Some people believe EPO may reduce the severity of hot flashes, one of the most uncomfortable side effects of menopause.

A small 2021 study that used participant questionnaires found that taking EPO during menopause may result in less frequent and less severe night sweats.

6. It can help reduce nerve pain

Peripheral neuropathy is a common side effect of diabetes and other conditions. A 2018 review of research notes that animal studies have shown that fatty acids like linolenic acid may potentially help reduce neuropathy symptoms, such as:

  • hot and cold sensitivity
  • numbness
  • tingling
  • weakness

However, human clinical trials are still needed to show whether these results may extend to humans.

7. It may help ease bone pain

Bone pain is often caused by rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic inflammatory disorder. According to a small 2017 study, the GLA in EPO can potentially reduce rheumatoid arthritis pain without causing unwanted side effects.


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