1. Ashwagandha is a prominent herb in Indian Ayurvedic medicine and has become a popular supplement due to its health benefits.
  2. Limited evidence suggests that ashwagandha reduces blood sugar levels through its effects on insulin secretion and sensitivity.
  3. Might have anti-cancer properties.
  4. Ashwagandha supplements may help lower cortisol levels in chronically stressed individuals.
  5. May help reduce stress and anxiety.
  6. May reduce symptoms of depression.
  7. Can boost testosterone and increase fertility in men.
  8. May increase muscle mass and strength.
  9. May reduce inflammation.
  10. May lower cholesterol and triglycerides.

How to grow this plant at home?

  1. Choose a wind-sheltered planting site that receives plenty of direct sunlight. Use a well-drained sandy, loamy or clay soil with an acidic or neutral pH level. Select a soil with dry, nutrient-rich, stony qualities for best results.
  2. Plant the seeds in the early spring. You can use a medium-sized container or sow the seeds directly in the ground, allowing each plant 24 inches of space. Push the seeds about three-eighths of an inch below the surface of the soil with your finger.
  3. Keep the soil consistently moist, but not waterlogged during the ashwagandha's germination period, which takes two to three weeks. After germination, allow the soil to dry between waterings. Water the plant during a shady time of day, such as near sunrise or sunset, moistening the soil down to about the second knuckle of your index finger.


  1. Aswagandha smoothie:


1 whole ripe banana peeled and frozen

1 handful baby spinach

1 1/2 cups unsweetened almond milk

2 Tbsp unsweetened almond butter

1/3 cup unsweetened plain yogurt

1/2 tsp crushed ashwagandha

1/2 tsp maca powder

1 tsp ground cinnamon


Add all ingredients to a high-powered blender and blend until creamy. Pour into a glass and enjoy!


  1. Ashwagandha Bliss Balls:


1/2 cup rolled oats

2 tbsp peanut butter

1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp ginger

1/3 cup raw nuts

1 cup pitted dates

1/2 tsp ashwagandha

1 pinch of salt

1 tbsp nut milk



Place all the ingredients in a food processor.

Blend till a sticky dough like consistency forms

Roll into balls. Store in the fridge.


  1. Ashwagandha Turmeric Moon Milk Recipe


Ashwagandha Powder

Turmeric Powder


Cinnamon Stick



This recipe is extremely easy and doesn’t need any special utensils or equipment.

You simply heat the milk.

Add ALL the ingredients and whisk.

Let this simmer for a few minutes (this is most important step).

Then let it boil once.

Transfer to cups and enjoy warm