Orange (Citrus sinensi)

"Citrus sinensi” is commonly known as orange, its essential oil is also called “sweet orange oil,” it’s derived from the outer peel of the fruit, which has been highly sought after for centuries because of its immune-boosting effects. If you’re unfamiliar with various oil uses and benefits, you might be surprised to know just how many different common products they’re used in. Soap, detergent or kitchen cleaner add orange essence to them, you can also find traces of orange oil in household and cosmetic products to improve their smell.

The main active ingredients in orange oil are limonene (85–96 % of the extract) and myrcene (0.5–3 percent). Limonene is especially considered a powerful antioxidant that fights the oxidation process in the body, commonly known as free radicals.

One of the most prominent ability of the orange oil is to fight carcinogenesis, which is due to the induction of Phase II carcinogen-metabolizing enzymes, resulting in carcinogen detoxification. Benefits of this oil are: high in Vitamin C and good for immune system, powerful antibacterial hence why it is used as a base in many cleaning products. It is an excellent circulation booster, it soothes headaches and works well for high blood pressure, anti-inflammatory, pain reducer, mood booster and excellent for skin related issues such as acne & blemishes, digestion booster and natural mouth wash for a complete oral hygiene.
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