The 3 Best Natural Anxiety Remedies

Natural Anxiety Remedies is looked upon on goggle everyday, many times, everywhere. In some shape or form, anxious feelings have affected us all. From simple nerves to full blown panic attacks, anxiety can come from nowhere and debilitate – ruining our fun or blowing our chance at that big job interview. Which is why it is important to have a natural remedy on stand-by, ready to centre you without the altering side effects of prescription medications.

In the moment it is almost impossible to remember that the overwhelming feeling we experience is a gift handed down from our ancestors, as anxiety is brought on once the brain’s ‘fight or flight’ mode has been activated. Unfortunately, the worry over our modern lives affects the same hormone, sending us into a spiral of self-preserving dread that was designed to help us avoid bears rather than forget the opening words of our big speech.


Focusing on Natural Anxiety Remedies that target the body’s nervous system and neurotransmitters to help us relax and reach a happier state, here are our 3 best natural treatments for stronger mental wellbeing without the nasty side effects.


Used in Ayurveda treatments for centuries, essential oils are Natural Anxiety Remedies, jack-of-all-trades especially when it comes to instant stress relief. Experiencing from certain oils can have an instant effect on mood and nervous tension, and skin application through massages or simple direct contact can enter the bloodstream within 5 minutes, with longer lasting effects.