A Close Look to a Transcendental Oily Experience - By Sheryl Cambronero

This last week I had the chance of making a stop and reorganizing what my life is. I took a couples of days off -10 to be exact- which came really handy actually, cause I also caught a cold on day 3.

What made these days different from others is that I decided to give Essentials oil a try. I ran into Ygeiax and their products a couple of weeks ago and, being a fan of natural remedies as I am, I decided that maybe pure oils was “that something” I was missing. For some people this blog might sound like paid advertisement, but honestly -besides not getting paid a single rupee- the main purpose of sharing this is to give you hints of how many uses you can give to nature in your life and how you can apply these oils on your daily basis. You don’t have to do all the things I did, but I am sure at least one thing I tried this week is going to be helpful to you.

I started everyday with a bath and added Jasmine Essential Oil to my bucket of warm water. Some days I changed it to Rose Oil or Lavender, but the majority of days I used Jasmine. That motivated me every morning because in Punjab, where I am currently living, the days have been cold lately since we are still in winter. My skin smelled and felt awesome; 3 drops were enough to use.

After showering I regularly apply coconut oil. I have terrible skin, it’s too dry and I get stretch marks easily, so a while ago I decided to make coconut oil my everyday best friend. This week I mixed it up with essential oils that are supposed to be good for your skin, like grapefruit, myrrh and sandalwood oil. It has only been ten days and I promise you I feel different already. I supposed that is part of the magic of nature.

Also there is a mixture that I was recommended to make because I have serious back problems -the people that know me understand , cause in my case is like chronic pain- so I applied that too after shower every morning. It consists of an even oily mixture made with Hemp Seed, Wintergreen and Rosemary Oil. Then I would add 3 drops of that to a table spoon of coconut oil or olive oil and rub it on my back. I swear it works magic and it takes less than 6 minutes.

My absolute favorite part of the day was the face cream. After 4 days I would get so excited about this that I felt ridiculous. My face skin doesn’t take sunlight as well as it used to years ago. That in part is because of the fact that I’m older now, and also because of the terrible contamination that makes the sun hit us harder in the current times. So I usually apply hydrating cream on my face to maintain it healthy, specially in winter. I added in my cream a couple of drops of the frankincense oil Ygeiax has available and mixed it all up, because I read it is good for wrinkles and spots on your skin. The smell is nice and relaxing, and also makes your face glow while it hydrates.

Also, as I mentioned, I got a cold this week. Terrible. I have audios in WhatsApp that prove how bad my voice sounded and the terrible cough I got. Two drops of holy basil oil, two of Sage (and one of Eucalyptus sometimes) every 4-5 hours made my throat and nose get better. If you don’t want to apply the drops directly in your mouth -because the taste is obviously strong since they are pure oils- you can also add them on a cup of water and drink that.

Because I was sick and the temperature is not the best for a cold right, I would also get really bad headaches. Lavender is the answer to your prayers. 2 drops on the temples, or sometimes just inhale it works. If the pain was too intense I would do both at the same time. After these days I am a huge fan of lavender, but Ygeiax also has available some natural pills they call “Happy Pills” that increase your dopamine and relax you, they are helpful for the headaches as well.

I had the idea that oils were something you use only to make your house smell better and rub on your wrist when you are anxious. I was far from correct. While I started to use the products I also did research about the benefits of the different plants they were made of. It turns out that oils have more uses of what I could thought of, and most of them are used to treat different things that usually we would not linked one with the other. Like seriously, I could not believe it but there is one oil that is helpful for both acne and menstrual problems!

They are used to do cleaning in the house, disinfect areas, to make remedies at home, to treat your skin and blood, etc. I figure if we (specially westerners) already spend a lot of money on many medicines and beauty products, why not better trying a toxic free option that works, lasts long and is easy to get.

Even if you don’t feel like trying these products right now, at least I hope I have made you curious enough to research a little more about it. You will be surprised by the efficiency and uses you can give to these things. I can assure you, the more you get to know about these essential oils, the more you will not help but surrender to the magic of an oily experience.