HOLY SMOKE - Herbal Cigarettes Blend

HERBAL CIGARETTES are often given bad press and have been widely overlooked for decades. This is somewhat due to the influence big tobacco has, but mainly the blame lies in the high number of poor quality cigarettes out there. Most producers have created their blends simply because there is a market for them and their platform has access to that market – similar to steakhouses throwing a few vegetables on a plate as their single vegetarian option. This means profit drives their production and the blends that come from it are usually a random mixture of overpowering flowers that smoke as bad as they taste.

Our journey towards Holy Smoke began with the question of what the perfect Herbal cigarettes , blend should be. Taste, heath, and medicinal properties were quickly defined as the most important aspects and so the hunt for the right smoking herbs began.


To guide us onto the right path, we looked to Ayurveda. Dating back almost 5000 years, no body of medicinal info had been so widely tried and tested than the vedas. The practice of smoking specific herbs for their medicinal properties is recommended as part of a daily routine to help induce clarity in one’s mind. Certain herbs are also associated with a clearer respiratory system and often the sinuses are unblocked within a matter of seconds.

Over 50 smokeable herbs are mentioned in the vedas, each with their own distinctive medicinal qualities and flavour profiles. After experimenting with endless mixes, and rolling more test smokes than we could count, we are proud to finally present what we believe to be the perfect ORGANIC smoking experience.


Our unique ingredients includes herbs such as: Intellect Tree – a powerful seratonin enhancer; Agaru – a calming nerve relaxant; and White Lotus – known to induce feelings of euphoria and spiritual awareness; as well as many other herbs that aid with respiratory and addiction problems. None of our Holy Smoke herbs contain nicotine, additives or chemicals and unlike tobacco the blend is free from carcinogens such as nitrosamine.

Holy smoke has a delicious sweet flavour which can be enjoyed by itself, mixed with your own blend of herbs or even brewed into a tea.

Holy Smoke, Herbal cigarettes can be purchased worldwide through our products page in a 30g size.