1. Ajmoda is very well-known in the form of a drug used for curing respiratory and digestive diseases, gout and rheumatism.
  2. For external use, the poultice that is made using the seeds if Ajmoda in warm water can help in relieving joint pain.
  3. It helps in relieving gouty arthritis, rheumatoid, osteoarthritis and non-specific arthritis.
  4. It is also helpful when it comes to treating bronchitis, asthma and cough.
  5. Ajmoda can be used for curing gas, bloating, indigestion and colic..
  6. It is intestinally antiseptic.
  7. It stimulates the digestive procedure.
  8. Helps in the digestion of foods that cannot be digested very easily.
  9. It offers great relief in intestinal parasites, cramps and flatulence.
  10. Ajmoda promoted the downward flow of air.
  11. It dilates the pathway of the lungs by preventing spasm.
  12. It helps in the detoxification of the body.
  13. Ajmoda serves in the form of an effective remedy for inflammation and pain.

How to grow?

Sunlight: Medium to bright light when indoors, and partial sun/shade when outdoors.

Water: Regular watering required, needs continuous moisture to survive

Seeds should be started indoors, 10-12 weeks before the end of winter, with several seeds planted in one cell. Make sure soil is moist and warm. After 2-3 weeks, the seeds will germinate, following which the plant can be moved outside. Thin the seeds to one seed per cell, and ensure the temperature for the plants is never too cold, as the plant will start bolting with continuous cold weather.

After transferring the newly germinated seeds outdoors, give them slightly less water, so as to avoid bolting of the plant. Set them 15-30cm apart and in rows 45-90cm apart. Following a period of 10 days, make sure to continue water at the regular level.


  1. Simple celery soup


2 tablespoons olive oil, or butter

1 onion, diced

4 fat garlic cloves, rough chopped

6 cups celery, sliced thin (about 1 ¼–1 ½ pounds) 1 extra large head, save some leaves for garnish

2 cups potatoes, sliced into ½ inch thick rounds ( about ¾ lb –  1 extra large russet peeled, or use a few yukons, unpeeled.

4 cups veggie or chicken broth ( or 4 cups water + 1 tablespoon “Better than Bouillon” Vegetable Base)

1 cup water

1 bay leaf (optional, remove before blending)

1 teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon pepper

1/8 – 1/2 teaspoon cayenne , start conservatively

¼ cup fresh dill (small stems ok)

½ cup fresh parsley (small stems ok)

Stir in: ½ cup (or more) of sour cream, plain yogurt, vegan sour cream, heavy cream or cashew cream.


Heat the oil in a big pot over medium high heat,  and add the onion, stirring occasionally, letting the onions get golden, about 5 minutes.

While the onions are cooking, rough chop the garlic, celery and potatoes.  When the onions are golden add the garlic and stir 1-2 minutes, until fragrant. Add the celery, potatoes, broth, water, bay leaf, salt, pepper, and cayenne. The liquid should just cover the veggies. Cover, bring to a rolling boil, turn heat down and simmer gently until potatoes are tender, about 10 minutes.

Turn heat off, remove bay leaf and add the fresh herbs and just wilt them (don’t cook herbs or you lose the vibrant color!)

Using an immersion blender blend until very silky smooth – OR if using a regular blender, let cool before blending in smaller batches. ( If blending warm soup, fill blender no more than halfway full, cover tightly with a lid and kitchen towel, holding it down firmly, when you start the motor (on the lowest setting, working up gradually) to prevent a blender “explosion”).

Blend well, a full minute, until herbs are fully blended, creating a vibrant colored soup. For extra “green” color, add a handful of raw spinach if you like, or more fresh parsley. Place it back in the same pot over low heat. Stir in your choice of sour cream, or any of the other options.

To make the crispy celery leaves, heat a generous amount of olive oil in a small skillet over medium heat. Wait until the oil is hot. Fry a “tester” celery leaf for 10-20 seconds on each side. Set on a paper towel. If it is crisp, continue on. Adding a few at a time, not overly crowding.  If not crisp, fry them a little longer. You want about 3-5 leaves per serving bowl. In the same oil, you could fry the nigella seeds until you just begin to hear popping. Turn heat off.  Arrange the crispy celery leaves in a crescent shape. Spoon a little of the nigella seeds along with a little oil in the same shape.

  1. Braised Celery


8 stalks celery, rinsed and trimmed, leaves chopped and reserved

1 tablespoon unsalted butter

Pinch kosher salt

Pinch freshly ground black pepper

1/2 cup good quality beef stock or broth


Peel any of the fibrous outer stalks of celery with a vegetable peeler and slice into 1-inch pieces on the bias.

Heat the butter in a 10-inch saute pan over medium heat. Once melted, add the celery, salt and pepper and cook for 5 minutes until just beginning to soften slightly. Add the beef broth and stir to combine. Cover and reduce the heat to low. Cook until the celery is tender but not mushy, approximately 5 minutes. Uncover and allow the celery to continue to cook for an additional 5 minutes or until the liquid has been reduced to a glaze. Transfer to a serving dish and garnish with the reserved leaves.


  1. Celery Stir Fry


2 Tbsp high quality canola oil, rice bran oil, or other cooking oil

3 small dried chile peppers, broken in half (can sub a 1/8 teaspoon of red chili flakes)

4 cups julienned celery (cut into pieces about 2 inches long)

1-2 Tbsp soy sauce (to taste)

A few drops of dark sesame oil (optional)


Heat the oils and chiles in a wok or frying pan over high heat for 90 seconds, or until the chiles become fragrant and the seeds sizzle.

Add the celery and stir-fry for 3 minutes. Add the soy sauce and stir-fry one more minute. Drizzle with dark sesame oil if using. Serve hot or at room temperature.


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