Ingredient Amla

Ingredient Amla


  • Amalaki is used as a rejuvenating medicine in aging conditions.
  • The fruits of Amala commonly used in Aryuveda are assumed to enhance defense against following diseases:
    - cancer - diabetes - liver and heart diseases - gastric ulcers and various other disorders - antioxidant - immunomodulatory - antipyretic - analgesic - cytoprotective - antitussive
  • It is also used for memory enhancement and for lowering blood cholesterol levels.


Geographical Distribution

Emblica officinalis, originating from India, is also cultivated in several other tropical and subtropical countries such as Bangladesh, China (southern part), Malaysia, Mascarene Islands, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Uzbekistan.

In India, this tree can usually be found in the coastal, tropical, sub-tropical districts and on hill slopes upto a height of 200m and upto 4500ft in the hills. It is also cultivated in the plain land and hilly areas of the valley of Kashmir.