Ingredient: Arjuna


  • Arjuna strengthens and tones the circulatory system, rejuvenates the soft tissues,
    and promotes proper function of the heart muscle.
  • It's properties support the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels already within
    the normal range, balanced blood pressure, and proper coagulation in the blood.
  • It has also been traditionally used to support the emotional heart, promoting
    balance for those experiencing grief and sadness. It is said to give courage,
    strengthen the will, and fortify the heart to accomplish our goals.
  • With its affinity for the chest, arjuna can balance excess kapha and pitta in the
    lungs for clear, calm breathing.
  • Arjuna helps reduce excess pitta in the liver and skin, supporting proper liver
    function and a healthy, clear complexion.
  • When taken as a tea, arjuna has been used to support healthy digestion.


Geographical Distribution

In India, T. arjuna is about 60–80 feet in height. It’s buttressed trunk and horizontally
spreading crown and drooping branches are distributed in India, Burma, Mauritius
and Sri Lanka. Arjuna is distributed throughout sub Indo-Himalayan tracts of Uttar
Pradesh, Punjab, Deccan, South Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh
mainly along riverside, rivulets and ponds.