What is an Vulnerary?

These herbal remedies help bring about healing in wounds and inflammation. The term is often used to describe herbs for skin lesions (Emollients), but the action is just as relevant for internal wounds (Demulcents) such as stomach ulcers. Many astringents and demulcents are also considered vulneraries.

How Vulnerary Work

Sometimes is is because of the presence of tannin, which produces an impervious layer, under which the natural healing process can occur. With others it is the soothing mucilage, or a chemical called allantoin that stimulates cell growth and division. This will speed the healing of wounds and even in some cases, bone.


  • Calendula off. (Marigold)
  • Plantago lanceolata/major (Plantain)
  • Symphytum off. (Comfrey)