Holy Basil Steam distilled  Oil
Holy Basil Steam distilled  Oil

Holy Basil Steam distilled Oil

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Holy Basil Is rich in vitamin K and magnesium, also helpful for lowering levels of bad cholesterol, otherwise known as LDL. LDL plays a major role in atherosclerosis by depositing fat molecules along artery walls.
Aromatic profile : Spicy, sweet and herbaceous-minty, with a pronounced warm.

Suggested usage

Add a drop to your tea for a nice, soothing hot drink.
To flavour water add one drop in one liter of water.
Dilute with Coconut Oil to minimize any skin sensitivity.
Add 8 to 10 drops in your massage oil for pain relief.
Add few drops to moisturizer or skin cream for revitalizing benefits.
Dilute 10 to15 drops to your regular Shampoo & Conditioner (150/200ml) bottle. Dilute 10/12 drops to water in a spray bottle to use as body mist or room spray. For Shampoo & Conditioner add 3 to 5 drops per wash.

Diffuse 5/7 drops to eliminate airborne bacteria.

To take steam use a drop or two
Add 5-7 drops in your bathtub for therapeutic benefits.

Customer Reviews

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Amazon Customer - Anonymous
just what I needed

thanks ( Reviewed on Amazon USA)

Yes! :) Happy to make it for you. Most welcome

miss K
Fabulously fragrant and uplifting!

This oil is utterly gorgeous.. I’ve had a few different brands of holy basil
and this is by far the most superior. Speedy delivery and beautifully
packaged. I use this to manage stress and help with focus & mental
clarity mostly, but the uses are endless. Holy basil is a must have for
any aromatherapy first aid kit.. and I will defo but this brand again.
Thank you! ( Reviewed on Amazon UK)

Thank you miss K for reviewing our products :) Yes we try and source the best plants. If we are not able to source for a season, we do not prepare the oils! We are glad you can see the difference! Do try all our oils.