Lavender Steam Distilled Oil
Lavender Steam Distilled Oil
Lavender Steam Distilled Oil

Lavender Steam Distilled Oil

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About Lavender : 

Popular for its anti-mircrobial and anti-inflammatory functions, Lavender is a holistic herb offering solutions across dental, hair and drug resistance problems. Currently gaining its popularity as a medicinal herb for drug side-effects, Lavender is found in the valleys of Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Kashmir Valleys. 

-Lavender helps fight dental infections

Lavender species offer a promising alternative to some of the synthetic materials in the field of dental sciences. It may be used to treat local infections, as an alternative to antibiotics, in reducing dental anxiety, or to prevent the formation of biofilm on teeth. It may be used in oral formulations, as vapor, or as a local medicament.a


- Lavender is a pain-reliever 

Popular for its antinociceptive properties, oral usage of lavender has shown significant pain reduction results. The medicine community is also exploring its use as a replacement for opioid and steroidal pain relievers in drug addiction therapy. Lavender oil usage is also being explored in complementary therapy for cancer. 

- Lavender is a mood & sleep stabilizer

    Studies have proven that lavender carries a fragrance and a stimulus unique to itself. Aside from using it to treat neurological issues like migraine, lavender oils are being used extensively in aromatherapy to aid mental health disorders such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, PTSD etc. Recent studies conducted also show that lavender oil can aid in cognitive development in adults. 

    -Lavender as a hair tonic 

    Lavender essential oils are also being used to improve hair quality, reduce hair loss , eradicate lice and promote hair regrowth working best with carrier oils such as jojoba oil, almond oil or coconut oil. 

    -  Lavender is carminative and sedative 

    Lavender oil has muscle relaxing properties that are extremely effective in usage in massage therapy settings. Currently, Lavender is being explored therapeutically to reduce menstrual cramps and  symptoms associated with PMS disorder as well.   L


    - Lavender as a skin tonic  

    Lavender has the ability to act as a skin tonic lessening acne, evening skin tone, and reducing wrinkles. Free radicals are partly responsible for fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Lavender oil is full of antioxidants, which help protect you from the free radicals. 


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Beauty inside a bottle

    Happy day!! So I just started using this company products and I am really
    impressed. I first started with their shilajit then started using their
    essential oils one by one and they are all very unique. For me I try to
    look into the company's intention of creating what they do and I like
    what I have read and experiencened so far with using their products and
    dealing with the company . They are also really good at getting back to
    you if you have a question. Their oils are not like other oils I have
    smelled before so don't be surprised when it doesn't smell exactly as
    you imagined. Instead be surprised by the beauty of the difference. We
    are all very different and if we take the time to appreciate the beauty
    we each have within then imagine how much more beautiful the World will
    become. I am grateful that I can even have this beautiful oil. I will
    continue to buy their products as long as they sell here on Amazon.( Reviewed on Amazon USA)

    I second that. A lot of oils does not smell how we envision it, since most of us grew up smelling an artificial smell of that particular flower or plant used in FMCG products. I'm glad you are able to connect with the vibrations of the plants we source. We source all our ingredients from permaculture farms across India & Nepal. Wildcrafted does its magic :) Thank you for sharing our products. We wish you good health as always :)

    Makeda Smith
    Heavenly and deeply calming

    I just opened my newly purchased lavender oil to add a drop to my water
    and it is beyond heavenly - the aroma and the flavor are deeply, deeply
    calming - almost to the point of magical. I researched the company's
    website before purchasing, and I love their commitment to excellence and
    service and their integrity. I am grateful to have found them here on
    Amazon as I wanted an oil that was edible and safe to ingest. I have
    their wondrous rose oil as well. Their products don't feel commercial -
    they vibrate like straight from the garden! Did I mention the lavender
    oil was deeply deeply calming - lol ! What a wonderful addition to my
    life during this pandemic. Bless ~ (Reviewed on Amazon USA)

    Hi Makeda! Thank you for the continued trust! I use our Rose Oil personally everyday! It is a gem :D. It is high time we promote pure edible oils so the plants can help guide us and heal us :) We try to keep our oils very affordable while giving back to the farmers and ourselves :)

    Amazon Customer - Anonymous
    Clear instructions how to use it

    Excellent (Reviewed on Amazon UK)

    :) Thank you

    Nicholas L. Dunton
    Was a gift

    Daughter loved it, used it all in 2 months :D (Reviewed on Amazon USA)

    Aww..! :) Thanks