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Space Element Steam Distilled Oil

Space Element Steam Distilled Oil

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Space Element

Rosemary, Peppermint, Lemon, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Blue Lotus, Rose, Saffron, Ylang Ylang, Guduchi, Jasmine

Space is the synergy of all the elements.

Ether is space, stillness, that which contains and holds. Ether is the element that connect us to spirit, intuition, other realms and planes. It is present in hollow cavities within the body and empty areas of cosmos, transmits sound, non-resistant to anything, frictionless or smooth, subtle, soft, and abundant. Any diet, food or herbs with similar properties will increase the space element in the body

Name in Sanskrit: Akasha 

Colour: Green 

Affirmation: "I feel free. Nothing can bind or set limits on space. When I respect space, it fills me with the idea of freedom"

Meridian : Below chest on the right / Heel of the foot 

Precious stone : Emerald + Aventurine

Season: Spring

Internal Organs: Liver, Gall bladder

Sense Organ: Eyes

Signs of Balance: Compassion, kindness

Signs of Imbalance: Anger, frustration, headaches, rigidity, rib-side pain, muscle and tendon pain, difficulty making decisions

Liberates - Shouting Taste- sour

Dosha - Vata ( Air + Ether)

Gunas - Light, clear, subtle, still, inert 

Energetic pathway in hand: Thumb

Bija Mantra: Ham

Chakra: 5th - Visshudha 



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